ALL NATIONS BIBLE COLLEGE AND SEMINARY is an apostolic outreach to the nations. Since our founding in 1975, we have taught the Word of God to students from 53 nations of the world. I have had the privilege to preach and teach the gospel in many of those nations. As a child I was healed of polio and given my legs again to walk on so I have walked they legs for our Lord for most of the days of my life. I have helped found Bible Colleges in many different countries, helped to found churches, an orphanage in India, feeding programs for children in Guatemala, and have trained hundreds if not thousands to serve the Lord. Graduates are doing great things all over this world. I believe in the Supernatural power of the Risen Lord to heal the sick, and even raise the dead. Nothing is impossible for the God that I serve and teach others to serve. Because there is an apostolic anointing on this ministry, there has been much opposition over the years, but the Lord has always prevailed and continued His witness through this ministry. We will be glad to help you learn the Word of God. Our Bible College offers Associate-Bachelor programs and our Seminary offers graduate school degrees from Masters-Doctorate. May God bless and keep you and cause you to want to be part of the great End-Time Army of the Lord taking the message to all the nations of the earth. Reg. W. Miller D.D.

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